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Best Laptop Brands

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Even with a hurting economy, one item most Americans cannot live without is a laptop. The portability and convenience of this type of computer make them a necessity for any business worker, traveler, student, and general user. Walk into any coffee shop in your area and there is bound to be a number of people sipping on java while browsing the internet on their laptops.

So which brands are the best? When searching for a laptop, consumers should be concerned about reliability, performance, and of course, price. Here are several great options combine the best features:

Apple has a popular line of Macbooks that range in affordability. A regular base Macbook can run you in the $1000-$1500 range and provide fast processors, plenty of storage space, and dvd/cd-rw drives. Macbook Pros, which offer better graphics cards, can cost you up to $2300. In addition to offering both Mac OS and Windows platforms on their newer models, Apple also has partnerships with Adobe for useful products like Photoshop and Final  hp pavilion gaming ryzen 5 Cut Pro. Also, if you are simply looking for a machine that allows you to surf the internet, watch videos, and browse pictures, there is the new iPad, which runs from $500-$830.

Sony is probably the top choice for PC users, and boasts an impressive line of VAIO notebook computers in many different colors. VAIO laptops also come equipped with on-board webcams and feature sleek designs that are just as thin and portable as Macbooks. If you are looking for something on the lower end that packs performance, check out the F-series.

If you are looking for something under $1000, Dell and HP have models in the $500-$700 range, as well as netbooks, which can carry out most tasks and are small enough to fit in a purse. Before choosing among the best laptop brands, be sure to compare features, prices and warranties to ensure that you are satisfied with your final decision.

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