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Coffee Hand Grinder Reviews


Being a coffee drinker, you will agree with me that in order for a cup of coffee to taste fresh, you will need a coffee hand grinder to grind the coffee seeds so that the coffee’s aroma and the bean oils can be released even before you get to brew the coffee. However, if you head off to your local shopping mall right away to purchase a hand coffee grinder, you will very likely be overwhelmed by the numerous choices available. So how do you know which brand or model should you buy? Here are some coffee hand grinder reviews to help you make up your mind.

White Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder
You will absolutely love this beautiful White Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder that you can buy at less than $50 USD. Being made of ceramic pottery style and standing at over 10 inches in height, it can blend in nicely with any kitchen decoration you may have. It will even make a very good gift for any occasion.

The plus point of this hand grinder is that you can easily adjust the grinding mechanism to get your desired end result. If you use the default grinder, it is already good enough for most coffee lovers but if you prefer the coffee powder to be super-fine, then all you have to do is to loosen the nut that you can find on the shaft and adjust the star wheel to taste. Just experiment with the grinder till you get the preferred taste.

Danesco Manual Coffee Grinder
If you are not someone who goes for wooden products, this very affordable Danesco Manual Coffee Grinder will very likely suit your taste. This small manual grinder is made of stainless steel with silicone seal and stands at just 9.5 inches tall. It can fit easily on any countertop in your kitchen. Besides, you can even store the grinds in the clip canister attached if you prefer to grind more coffee beans at each grinding session.

With this manual grinder, you will be able to enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning. You can adjust the handle of the grinder to get the right taste of coffee powder you desire. Unlike, the electrical coffee hander whereby the motor might get burned out due to overuse and age, this hand coffee grinder will not give you such problems as it is 100% manually operated.

GSI Outdoors Java Grinder
Being a coffee lover, I am positive you will not want to leave home for long period of time knowing that you will have to go without coffee throughout the whole period. So what if you are planning on camping out? You can’t possibly bring along your electric or big manual grinder along and you definitely cannot survive without a cup of freshly brewed coffee to start off your day with!

The GSI Outdoors Java Grinder is your answer mixer grinder to the one big problem. All you have to do is to bring along this very small grinder and you can have your usual perk in the morning. It can even hold your coffee beans when you are traveling so you are saved the hassle of having to store your coffee beans in another container. The best part is that you can easily packed it away in your backpack when you are traveling, plus you don’t have to worry about it getting dirtied since it has a protective dust cap and locking cover to keep the device clean.

This hand grinder comes with burr mechanism so you can get to taste better grind coffee than grinders that use blade mechanism. When you are using it, just ensure that you sit it on top on a round container to hold the device in place as you grind the coffee seeds. However, keep in mind that you should not grip the machine too hard or you might break it.


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