How you can Help Your child Improve Their Math Skills

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Math can be a challenging subject to learn for both children and their parents. Children often meet learning barriers that block their progress and receiving help at home can give your child the Math skills they need to succeed. Don’t underestimate the value of your time and effort in your child’s education, just twenty to forty minutes a day will make a difference in your child’s understanding of Math. Many parents lack confidence in Math, and it’s important not to express your negative feelings about the subject to your child. Children can be intimidated by Math especially if they are struggling to develop key skills. Any negative views may strengthen their fear of learning Math; children’s ability to learn is greatly influenced by their self-confidence. A fear of getting the answer wrong is common among children so encourage your child to try again, (if necessary at a later date). Reassure them that they don’t have to worry about an incorrect answer and that they can try again next time. Remind your child that practice does make perfect and each lesson counts.Education Concept With Funny School Children 2399762 Vector Art at Vecteezy

It is vital that you understand the Math topic  funny videos for 5 year olds you are planning to explain. If you are unsure about a Math topic, research it before you give your child any help. You should maintain a calm and positive attitude, remember that learning should be fun and stimulating. Do not put pressure on your child, they will not learn if feeling anxious or upset. Try to create a quiet and calm sitting with minimum distractions.

Math is a progressive subject and foundation Math skills are vital if your child is to progress successfully to more advanced Math. Start with the basics e. g. addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and place value. Ensure that your child understands these Math facts before attempting to progress to further areas.

Your child may have been given some Math homework that they are very negative about or worried about completing. Take a look at the homework and assess whether you think your child has the skills to attempt the problems. For example, the homework problems require multiplication and division to be performed and your child is struggling with basic division. Give your child some lessons on division to remind them of the basics before attempting the homework. If your child repeatedly brings home school work that is too advanced for them to attempt or understand, have a chat with their teacher about your concerns and ask them for some more suitable homework.

Homework can also be an issue for parents and children especially if parents are unsure about Math. As mentioned previously, if your child brings home schoolwork and you don’t like Math try not to let them know. Don’t say, “I hated fractions at school too”. This will reinforce your child’s belief that Math is too difficult to learn. If you are unsure about the homework, take a look at it alone before trying to help your child. Try to solve the problems yourself, if you cannot then you may have to do a little research or invest a little money in some software or books.

There are a few options available apart from the costly private tutor. Software and books are your main choices. Remember that it’s important to choose the correct level for your child. For instance, if your child is struggling with the very basics of key stage 2, then it may be a good idea to purchase a Key Stage 1 product. You can purchase an educational exercise book for about £2. 99 – £4. 50. This can prove more costly in the long run as you will need to buy multiple books, as they may not provide enough practice for your child. They are not reusable, (I found this out when erasing my daughter’s answers, she just traced over the indentation her previous answer’s had left behind). Also your child may be tempted to look in the back for the answers, (I used to cut out the page and then lose it). It’s also quite time consuming to mark the answers, I used to feel awful about marking answers as incorrect.

Software is a sensible and novel way to teach Math effectively, especially when there are funny characters and colourful graphics. It is best to choose a product that does not have a game-like format. Their thought process will be interrupted and your child will find it difficult to concentrate. Look for software that gives you the ability to check your child’s results, print certificates, provides extensive examples and references, includes tests and presents in-depth lessons in a structured format. This type of educational aid is quite inexpensive, you can purchase good quality KS2 PC software for £7. 40 to £9. 99.

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