What Type of Patio Heater Should You Buy?

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Sitting out on the patio during the summer is wonderful. You can sit for hours on end in the warmth without a care in the world. It is only when the colder winter months start closing in one needs a drastic rethink: give up and go inside, or, find a way to be warmer whilst sitting outside. Wrapping up warmer is a no-brainer, but no matter how warmly one wraps up, unless the temperature of the air around us is increased we still feel the uncomfortable nip and yearn for the comfortable warmth of indoors. Thus, the idea of sitting out on the patio is defeated. That is, unless you purchase a patio heater — problem solved.

If you are reluctant to give up your patio as winter begins moving in, having an outdoor heater will become essential — particularly if you have guests over socially, you have to keep them warm and comfortable.

Given there are a lot of patio heaters on the market it can be difficult to decide which type of heater you want or need. Don’t panic buy. There are many options open to you and making the right choice will pay dividends, so shop around, take the time to learn about the different types and you’ll make a great choice that works a treat for your purposes.

Fundamentally, your choice of heater will largely be decided upon the type of fuel you wish to run it on. Gas (the type run from gas bottles/cylinders) are extremely popular as are electric patio heaters. Coal and wood burning heaters are also available though they are far less common and more work to keep going, and generally less consistent in the heat they produce. If you can categorically decide which type of fuel source you wish to run your patio heater from this will make your choice much easier as you can eliminate the types of heaters which are no longer an option for you.

Some patio heaters spew heat out in all directions which are ideal for larger areas where people are moving around and larger gatherings, whereas other patio heaters are more focused in the direction they heat. If you will require wood heaters a singular, focused area to be heated, then you will probably be better off going for a direction-based patio heater. Types of heaters available are freestanding, wall mounted infrared and tabletop patio heaters. Freestanding suits larger gatherings where people move around and are able to gather around the heater; infrared generally suit smaller patio areas where people remain seated in one place (though more can be mounted to a wall to increase the area being heated); finally, tabletop heaters are probably the ultimate type for people who have get-togethers focused around a table area so everybody can get an equal benefit.

Every patio heater consumes some form of fuel or other, be it electric to gas to wood or coal. You will simply have to decide which type of fuel has more convenience and which is most cost effective for you. It’s an obvious point but, don’t forget that longer usage requires more fuel so electric patio heaters can sometimes be more suited for longer usage without a worry of changing gas bottles or cutting your time out on the patio short because the fuel ran out.

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