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Wicker Furniture – How to Safeguard Them From Weather Threats


There is a plethora of furniture styles available, some of which are costly and some have contemporary and classical designs. There is furniture specially designed for indoors as well as outdoors. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can choose either classical or modern furniture. The latest designs of furniture come in varied styles and designs which are created by talented designers. The new innovations in the field of wicker-furniture comprise of usage of varied materials.

Wicker-furniture basically implies weaving of branches and twigs and introducing new patterns. It is then joined with varied furniture types. Some of the common wicker-furniture Indoor Wicker Furniture includes tables, chairs, chests etc.

Wicker-furniture is also being used in dining room, living room and bedroom. Patio doors are also made of this furniture and are found in restaurants, cafes, residential homes, bistros and so on. It is becoming increasingly popular in shopping centres and malls. As they are extremely practical and of high utility value, they are being made in different styles.

Wicker-furniture is made of rattan which is a climbing plant with long stems. It can be easily moulded to make furniture. Branches of these trees are used for making the frame of the chair. Synthetic material is also used for making this furniture. There are various colours like blue, white, black, brown and light pink and varied wooden textures available for making this furniture.

If you are looking out for backyard garden or patio furniture, then you can blindly go ahead and purchase wicker furniture. You would surely have loved the country feel and romantic feel extended by these furniture pieces. Wicker furniture is natural and gives you the rustic feel and it is made of material growth in your garden.

However, one should note that care should be taken when maintaining this furniture. Also wicker-furniture does not lend a clean and fresh look, thanks to the weather conditions which the furniture may be subjected to. People who live in areas where there is humidity or where there is heavy rainfall will observe that there is some mildew and mould forming on the reeds. If cushions are attached to the wicker furniture, the condition worsens. This is one common problem which has to be faced when purchasing wicker furniture. As there are too many traps, the water cannot evaporate and it is a breeding ground for mildew and mould.

First and foremost, keep it in a place where there is enough sunshine coming in, so that the furniture dries faster. Preferably shift it to a more dry and neat piece. Also check out for mildew and mould resistant wicker furniture which can stand the vagaries of the seasons. The sun is another possible threat to this type of furniture. The furniture may undergo colour changes and the cushion colour will get bleached and the fabric colour will change. If the furniture has paint on it, the paint will begin to fade and crack.

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